Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue stands out as a top-notch destination when it comes to mouthwatering barbecue in Hartford, Connecticut. Renowned for its delectable smoked meats, savory sauces, and welcoming atmosphere, Bear’s Smokehouse has become a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike seeking an authentic and satisfying BBQ experience. Information can be found here.

A Passion for Smoke

Bear’s Smokehouse is a culinary haven for BBQ enthusiasts, thanks to its unwavering commitment to the art of smoking. Using a blend of hardwoods, the chefs at Bear’s Smokehouse expertly smoke their meats to perfection, resulting in tender and flavorful dishes that leave taste buds craving for more. Whether it’s the succulent pulled pork, tender brisket, or juicy ribs, every bite at Bear’s Smokehouse is a testament to their passion for smoke-infused barbecue. See here for information about Great River Park: A Riverside Haven in Hartford, CT.

Saucy Delights

At Bear’s Smokehouse, it’s not just about the meats—it’s also about the sauces. The restaurant offers a variety of house-made spices that complement the smoky flavors of the roots. From tangy and sweet to bold and spicy, there’s a sauce to satisfy every palate. Guests can choose from classics like Kansas City-style, Memphis-style, and Carolina-style sauces or try their signature Bear’s BBQ sauce, a perfect balance of savory and tangy.

Menu Variety

Bear’s Smokehouse takes pride in its diverse menu, catering to various tastes and dietary preferences. In addition to its mouthwatering meats, the restaurant offers a selection of appetizers, salads, and vegetarian options, ensuring that there’s something for everyone. From loaded nachos and smoked wings to grilled veggie wraps and BBQ tofu, Bear’s Smokehouse goes above and beyond to accommodate all guests.

Warm and Inviting Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Bear’s Smokehouse is as inviting as the food itself. The rustic decor, friendly staff, and communal seating create a laid-back and welcoming environment that encourages guests to sit back, relax, and savor their barbecue feast. Whether it’s a casual lunch with friends, a family dinner, or a gathering to celebrate special occasions, Bear’s Smokehouse provides the perfect backdrop for memorable dining experiences.


Bear’s Smokehouse Barbecue is a BBQ lover’s paradise in Hartford, Connecticut. With its expertly smoked meats, tantalizing sauces, diverse menu, and warm atmosphere, Bear’s Smokehouse offers a truly memorable dining experience. Whether you’re a local looking for your BBQ fix or a visitor seeking authentic flavors, Bear’s Smokehouse is a must-visit destination for a finger-licking good time.