Nestled in the heart of Hartford, Connecticut, the Connecticut Science Center is a captivating educational destination that ignites curiosity and sparks a passion for science. With its state-of-the-art exhibits, interactive displays, and engaging programs, the center offers visitors of all ages a thrilling and immersive experience that celebrates the wonders of scientific discovery. Information can be found here.

Interactive Exhibits:

The Connecticut Science Center boasts a vast array of interactive exhibits that bring science to life. From exploring the complexities of the human body in the “Our Changing Earth” exhibit to unraveling the mysteries of space in the “Exploring Space” exhibit, visitors are invited to participate, experiment, and discover the world around them. Hands-on activities, interactive displays, and cutting-edge technology make the learning experience engaging and memorable. See here for information about Keeney Memorial Cultural Center: A Beacon of Culture in Hartford, CT.

STEM Learning Opportunities:

With a strong focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, the Science Center provides valuable learning opportunities for students and educators alike. The center offers workshops, camps, and educational programs that encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and hands-on experimentation. These initiatives aim to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, and innovators.

Science Theater and Planetarium:

The Science Center’s theater and planetarium offer captivating shows and presentations that transport visitors into the depths of space or plunge them into the wonders of the natural world. Through stunning visuals, immersive sound, and expert narration, these experiences provide a deeper understanding of scientific phenomena and encourage a sense of awe and wonder.

Special Events and Exhibitions:

The Connecticut Science Center regularly hosts special events and exhibitions to engage visitors with timely and fascinating topics. From themed exhibits exploring the wonders of dinosaurs or the intricacies of robotics to events like Science Straight Up, an adult-only evening filled with scientific discovery and entertainment, there is always something new and exciting happening at the center.


The Connecticut Science Center stands as a beacon of scientific exploration and education in Hartford, Connecticut. Through its interactive exhibits, STEM learning opportunities, captivating theater shows, and engaging events, the center inspires visitors of all ages to embrace the wonders of science. Whether you’re a curious child, a lifelong learner, or a science enthusiast, a visit to the Connecticut Science Center promises an enriching and unforgettable experience that celebrates the power of scientific discovery.